Ten important points for the competitive "Karuta"

Hitoshi Takano JUN/2015

[ Dai-ichi-jo ] Kyogi karuta wa taigisya tono syu-dan to kokorouru beshi.

(Article-1)กก  You should understand the competitive "Karuta" a communication between both players.

   "Players must keep in mind that competitive Karuta is a game which takes place between two players through non-verbal communication."

I try to explain "dai-1-jo".

It is difficult to translate "syu-dan".
I translated "syu-dan" to "communication", but I was very worried to translate.
In chinese letter, "syu" is "hand" and "dan" is "conversation".

But "syu-dan" is a term of "igo" and "shogi".
"Igo" is a board game by two player. "Shogi" is a board game by two player.

"Shogi" is Japanese chess.
In chess, one player moves one's piece at first and secondly another player moves a piece. Moving piece follows in turn.
Player think next move of another player after his move. He is thinking about thought of his opponent.
It is nonverbal conversation.
I expressed a nonverbal conversation with communication.
This is "syu-dan".

This theme has two points.
Playing kyougi karuta needs two person and "yomi".
So we should respect our opponent and dokusyu.
Therefore we have the act of saluting (yoroshiku onegai shimasu) before a karuta match.
We have the act of saluting (arigato gozai mashita) after a karuta match.

It is spirit of karuta. So-called "karuta-do".
This "do" is "do" of "judo" or "do" of "kendo".
"Do" is the spirit of the arts.
We build up the game of karuta in two player.
Hence we need a communication between the players as "do"(sprit).
This is a premise playing a game, not strategy, not tactics.

You have to observe your oppnent.
"Movement of the hand"(Te no ugoki)

You will think about the tactics of your opponent after considering these factors.
You have to make a strategy and tactics based on this analysis.
The materials to think about arise from a nonverbal conversation (syu-dan).
And your opponent think your thought, too.

Maybe, this must be communication.


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