Ten important points for the competitive "Karuta"

Hitoshi Takano JUN/2015

[ Dai-yon-jo ] Kogeki no jushi wa fuda o okuru ri o motomuru koto to kokorouru beshi."

(Article-4)กก  กก As for the serious consideration of the attack on enemy field("Tekijin"), you should understand a profit to send a card from your field("Jijin").

   "Please be aware that the strategic cards in the opponent's territory("Tekijin") is to gain the privilege to select specific cards to be transferred from Jinjn to Tekijin."

"Kogeki" : attacking "tekijin".
"jushi" : consider that something is important.
"ri" : profit; benefit; gain; advantage
"motomuru" : want; wish for; desire, demand; call for; seek
"kokorouru" : understand; know; be aware of; be well informed concerning.

This article is strategy.

=Case A=
 You get a card of "jijin".
 You can reduce one card from "jijin".

=Case B=
 You get a card of "tekijin".
 You can reduce one card from jijin by sending one card to "tekijin".

In "case A" and "case B", the number to decrease is the same, but value is different.
"Case B" is it in value than "Case A".
Because you can choose a card and can influence to "nagare" of the game.
The concrete reflection of the intention of player in the karuta is two of "okurifuda" and the placement.

You can send a card to "tekijin" when an opponent make "otetsuki",too.
But possibly an opponent may not make "otetsuki".
Therefore you try to get a card of "tekijin" for "okurifuda".

The attack is good tactics, but it is important that you understand difference in situation.
=Situation A=
You are very advantageous for the opponent.
=Situation B=
It is a close battle.
=Situation C=
It is disadvantageous seriously for you.

In "A" and "B", you do not have any problem.
You should continue attacking "tekijin".

But in "C", you must think about defense, too.
You have to devise the balance of defense and the attack.

It is an extra, but there is not the profit of "okurifuda" for "unmeisen".
"unmeisen" : Placemant cards are the situation by one card of both sides.
Because in this situation, it is not necessary for you to choose a card to send.
The probability that either is read among two cards is the same.

 The attack is important for your strategy.


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