Ten important points for the competitive "Karuta"

Hitoshi Takano JUN/2015

[ Dai-hachi-jo ] Kakuritsu-ron wa genzen toshite sonzai suru mono nari. Hirameki ni tayoru bekarazu."

(Article-8)ˇˇ  ˇˇ The theory of probability is right. You should not depend on an intuition.

   "Probability theory still stands, so players should never rely his or her own instinct but must be persistent to own tactics"

I try to explain "dai-8-jo".

"kakuritsu-ron" : the theory of probability
"genzen" : solemnly; sternly; with dignity
     (as) clear as day
"sonzai suru" : existˇ¨ inhabitˇ¨ presentˇ¨ reside
"hirameki" : a flash of;   a flash of inspiration (a sudden brilliant understanding);   a flash of intuition
"tayoru" : rely [depend, reckon, count] on; trust to;
"bekarazu" : must not do, Do not do

It goes without saying that the theory of probablity is stern reality, and an undeniable fact.
Among cards place in "ba", all the probability that which card is read next is the same.
However, we occasionally frash that this card seems to be read next, and this card really have been read.
Almost player of "kyogi karuta" have experiences as that.
Based on this experience, some players are apt to depend on a flash.
But it is accidental that an inspiration proves right and it is only good luck.
Good luck does not always repeat itself.
Do not depend on a flash !

Within the probability theory, it is not a bad thing that you give priority on cards of the target.
What is important is not the frash, but concentration and memory.
I think that strong concentration supported by memory produces a flash.
Concentrate on! Concentrate on! Concentrate on! .......

So you should brush up your skills.
And you should plan your strategy, and you should make full use of your tactics.


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