Ten important points for the competitive "Karuta"

Hitoshi Takano JUN/2015

[ Dai-kyu-jo ] Hito wa machigaeru mono nari. Kesshite akirameru bekarazu."

(Article-9)กก  กก A human being is not perfect, may be wrong (must be wrong).
         If another player made a mistake, you get a chance.
         Don't give up !

   "Nobody isn perfect. There is always a possibility for the opponent to make mistakes, so don't lose hope until the end !"

I try to explain "dai-9-jo".

"hito" : human; human being; mankind
"machigaeru" : make a mistake, confuse, miss
"kesshite akirameru bekarazu" : Never give up ! Don't give up !

This article have two themes.
(Theme-a)This is an admonition to oneself.
(Theme-b)This is encouragement to oneself.

Player of "kyogi karuta" is human being, not machine.
A human being is not perfect.
Therefore the human being makes a mistake.
Probably the human being may make a mistake.
After all the human being must make a mistake.

Kinds of the mistake are various.
For example,,,,
"otestuki" : mistouch; touch a wrong card
"kanchigai" : confuse; paramnesia; misrecollection; memory error
"karaburi" : swing out; hand over a card without touch;
"kincho": being nervous;
"okuri machigai" : mistake of "okurifuda"; sending a card unlike the card which oneself aimed at

These mistakes are a chance for another player.

If you have an advantage in the game, you should remember "theme-a".
You will be careful not to make a mistake.

If you have an disadvantage in the game, you should remember "theme-b".
You must not give it up.
You should believe that an opponent makes a mistake and wait for a chance.
As soon as you give up, it's over.
You should wait a chance.
You should make use of the chance.
Don't give up !
You will believe your good luck.
Never give up !

The game is not over until the last card of an opponent disappears.
Pray for your victory !


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