A study of "the center-zone of Johdan"

JUN / 2015

I got e-mail.
It was written in it as follows.

I observed that you placed your cards in the middle.
Why did you placed the cards that way ?

I think that you have a question for cards placed center-zone of my "johdan".

"johdan" : row which is the most far to a player in one's territory
"migi" : right
"hidari" : left
"tekijin" : territory of opponent
"jijin" : territory of
"sensei" : teacher (In this text, a senior(Mr.I) was my teacher.)
"kanji" : An ability in response to a sound.

(1) My "sensei" placed his cards at center-zone of his "johdan". I imitated only his style. I did not imitate his thought.

(2) My "sensei" said "we make a mistouch and are easy to be involved at "jijin-hidari-johdan", when we attack to "tekijin-migi-johdan.""
He continued and said "don't place cards at outisde of "jijin-hidari-johdan".
Place your cards at center-zone in lieu of "jijin-hidari-johdan.
I followed the teacher's advice.
But if I practiced being repeated for attack to tekijin-migi-johdan, I was able to reduce a mistake.
Even so, I think that it was good to obey the advice of my teacher.
Because the placing cards at center-zone is suitable for me.

(3) A merit of the placing cards at center-zone is to be the minority.
The opponents is not used to take cards at center-zone because of the minority.
I have many skill for taking cards at center-zone, because I practice hard to take cards at center-zone.
I have a advantage for player of not placed cards at center-zone.
There are many players who do not place cards at center-zone, now.
Therefore I have merits of the placing cards at center-zone.

(4) My "kanji" is no good. It makes up for the fault(no good of "kanji") that placing cards at center-zone.
Because I often look center-cards, I improve my "kanji" when I look many times.

(5) The targets of the enemy disperse.
If I don't place cards at center-zone, an opponent have two zone of targets(left-side and right-side).
But if I place cards at center-zone, an opponent have three zone of targets.

If you are interested in center-zone of "johdan", please try it.

Auther : Hitoshi Takano


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