Ogura-Hyakunin-Issyu "Competitive Karuta" Society
** JAPANESE **  

SFC  Karuta  Kai

( A branch of  "Keio Karuta Kai" )

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A Practice Room
Gymnasium : 1F Judo-Jo

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***  Please observe and join us !  ***

* Wtat's "Ogura-Hyakunin-Isssyu" ?  <--Click !
* How to play "Competitive Karuta".  <--Click !
* The essence of the competitive "Karuta"  <--Click !
* "Certification" of "Dan-i" for the competitive "KARUTA"  <--Click !
* "Competitive Karuta" is called "Kyogi Karuta" in Japanese.
* "SFC" is "Syonan Fijisawa Campus". (Keio University at Syonan Fujisawa)
* We have a few members (students and staff at SFC). Join us, please!
* The "Karuta" is effective for the Japanese learning of the foreign student.
* We are recruiting new members.
* We welcome the foreign student who is weak in Japanese.

Our exercise schedule is undecided for the "COVID-19" prevention. (Apr/2020--)

During a period of the emargency declaration for "COVID-19",
we stop our activity of "Kyogi Karuta".(Jan/2021--)

"What's New" of Keio Karuta Kai

***  Practice Schedule  ***

We keep punctuality in mind.
However, we cannot sometimes keep punctuality.
Start time may be advanced, or may be delayed.
End time may be advanced.

=== Our Exercise  ===

++ MONDAY ++

Schedule  ---->  16:30(or18:00)-20:00  Plaese confirm.

++ Weekday without Monday ++

      Undecided.  ( Please refer in E-Mail. )

If nobody does an entry, this practice is adjourned.
Please, confirm this schedule to us by E-mail.

Reference  :  [  Class Period  ]
The 1st Period --- 09:30-11:00
The 2nd Period --- 11:10-12:40
The 3rd Period --- 13:00-14:30
The 4th Period --- 14:45-16:15
The 5th Period --- 16:30-18:00

This schedule is during the school semester.
Please refer about schedule during the long vacation in E-Mail.



( In principle, we hold it on the afternoon of Sunday .  Around six times a year )

Schedule  Please refer in E-Mail.

About "SUNDAY PROGRAM"  <--Click !

If weather will be a state of the worst, this practice is cancelled.
If our members cannot entry, this practice will be canceled.-->Check "BBS" !
Please, confirm this schedule to us by E-mail.

A schedule of Keio Karuta Kai.


If you want to observe our practice, you have to send E-Mail.
To : sfc-karuta

*****  A Purpose of "SFC Karuta Kai"  *****

To enjoy playing the competitive "Karuta" at Syonan Fujisawa Campus.

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