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Top page of "Keio Karuta Kai"

Introduction of "Keio Karuta Kai"      How to play "Kyogi-Karuta"

What is "Hyakunin-Issyu" ?      Poems of "Ogura Hyakunin Issyu"

A guide of BBS for members    Sample-Picture     Campus Map of Keio

Title Holders ("Meijin" & "Queen")      Champion-Teams of High-Schools

The Championship in the All Japan Karuta Tournament (Zen Nihon Sensyu-ken)

The Championship in the National Invitational Karuta Tournament (Senbatsu Taikai)

Champion-Teams of "Syokuiki-Gakusei Taikai"    Index for Data of Competitive "Karuta"

Index of Diary      A collection of T-shirts for "Karuta"     Index of Letters

Index of Topics     Index of Personal studies about the competitive "Karuta"

Ten important points for the competitive "Karuta"

"Certification" of "Dan-i" for the competitive "Karuta"

A Schedule of "Karuta"-Practice for Keio Students that I know as a graduate

A table of contents for my anthology and theses     My recent state

A table of each generation student representatives

A History of Hitoshi Takano as Player of Competitive "Karuta"

A Web-Site of Hitoshi Takano

Profile     My karuta World

Top page of "SFC Karuta Kai"

SFC Sunday Exercise      Campus Map of SFC

Top page of "Keio Gijuku Syokuin Karuta Kai"

Mita Fujin-Shitsu Weekday Exercise      Mita Fujin-Shitsu Saturday Exercise

A table of each year champion