Keio Gijuku Syokuin Karuta Kai

Carta Players Society
for staffs of Keio University


Our activity is enjoying to play competitive "karuta" at each campus of Keio University.
Our members are the staffs and teachers of Keio University(including attached schools).
The group of us is called "Carta Players Society for staffs of Keio University".
The abbreviated designation of our group is "CPS".
"Carta" is Portuguese of "karuta". "Carta" is the etymology of "karuta".
"Karuta" of Japanese word is a word of foreign origin.
We use cards of "Ogura Hyakunin Issyu" what selected and edited by Sir.Teika Fujiwara in the thirteenth century.
Possibly you might have watched this competition by comics and an animated cartoon that is known as "Chihayafuru".
"Chihayafuru" was shown as a movie in 2016.
Please observe, and, please join us if you are interested. We are waiting your e-mail.
e-mail : koisucho(at)
Please change "(at)" to "@".

"what's new" of Keio Karuta Kai
"Our activity"

(1)  The championship of "Syokuin Meijin-sen"

       We hold this competition once by one year("nendo")

       + A table of each year("nendo") champion

(2)  Participation to the competition of "Syokuiki Gakusei Taikai"

       It is the biggest team competition. Victory by this competition becomes the motivation of our activity.

       + The results of our team in "Syokuiki-Gakusei Taikai"

(3)  Participation to various team competitions

       + A report of our team

(4)  Programs for practice          ***  JAPANESE  ***
Reference : fjs-karuta(at)
Please change "(at)" to "@".
       + "A schedule of practice at Mita Fujin-shitsu"

               +  Mita Weekday Program

               +  Mita Saturday Program

               +  SFC Sunday Program

       + "Exercises with Keio students"

(5)  A social gathering

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