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Ogura-Hyakunin-Issyu "Competitive Karuta"


at SFC Judo-Jo (Gymnajium 1F,  ext.53710)

Japanese : (encode) EUC-JP,  Shift-JIS,  UTF-8

We have a exercise of "Kyogi Karuta" on the fourth Sunday.
Our exercise is canceled after the disease of covid-19.

[ Time Table ]

If you want to join our "SUNDAY EXERCISE", you have to send E-Mail.

To : sfc-karuta

Registration  :  By Thursday just before the Exercise

  [ Notice ]
   If you participate without your sending an entry email beforehand, you may have the next risk.
   1) When you come to the exercise place, the exercise is called off, and there is nobody.
     (We will place it in the BBS for members on the occasion of cancellation.)
   2) The possibility of the participation number of people comes off, therefore the sets of "tori-fuda" cards may be short.
     (Please bring one set of "tori-fuda" cards.)
   3) Depending on arrival time, you will become a reciter("yomite").

** Information **

  Time Table of departure "Shonandai Sta.-West Gate Bus Stop 1" for "Keio Univ."

      (S):Via "Sasakubo"
      *: (Sho19-Line)"Shonandai Sta.-West Gate Bus Stop 4" for "Ayase Syako.(Via "Keio Univ.","Miyabara")"

  Time Table of departure "Keio Univ. Bus Stop 2" for "Shonandai Sta.-West Gate"

      (S):Via "Sasakubo", *:"Sho19-Line" [ Urgent cancellation information ] --> BBS for our members
   Example : Abysmal weather, A severe earthquake, No participant, etc.

This exercise is promoted by "SFC Karuta Kai".

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