My favorite words of "Karuta player"

DEC / 2015

(1) You should feel a sound with the bare sole.

This is the words that one of "Eisei-Meijin" of karuta said.
[Note] Eisei-Meijin : the permanent grand master
In competition karuta, you must concentrate on that you hear the sound that the reciter utters.
It is the words that expressed this figuratively.
Therefore, in the case of a game, we should take off socks.
Please try to take off socks and to hear a sound if you play a game with your wearing socks.

(2) First of all the reason to go to attack "tekijin" is because "tekijin" is farther than "jijin".

[Note] tekijin : the opponent's territory
     jijin : a territory of oneself
This is the words that one of "senpai" of karuta said.
[Note] senpai : elder player of karuta society
Please refer to "Article 4 of the essence" for the reason to strike "tekijin".
On the other hand, the expression of these words widens the image of the reader and is words to let a reader think.
That is why I think that I am interesting.
The "jijin" is near. And it is far from an opponent. The "tekijin" is far from oneself from an opponent near.
Therefore, it was said to take you as "tekijin" after hearing a "kimari-ji" and is disadvantageous with a difference of the distance.
We go to the attack in "tekijin" to make up for a difference of this distance without waiting until we hear a "kimari-ji" simply because "it is far".
Anyway, we should make much of the attack to "tekijin".

[Note] kimari-ji : sound(or character) for a card to identify a peculiar thing

(3) I can win "Meijin" if I can take 25 cards of "defuda" before a "kimari-ji" without my being wrong.

[Note] defuda : the card which player who was just read by a reciter should take
This is the words that the friend who began karuta with me said in the days of a beginner.
There is two splendor of these words.
The first is high his will.It is that a beginner assumed the play with the top player of the field suddenly that I was surprised.
Another one, it is his sense to see through essence of karuta. He understood it with essence of the relative speed in the competitive karuta as a beginner and spoke us.
Then I did not understand the splendor of this, but present I know it.
It has very low feasibility to take 25 cards as "defuda" before "kimari-ji".
However, I think that it is the words that should be praised as words of the beginners.
We should have will highly.

(4) I was promoted to the Class A by "XX".

[Note] Original words : "Why do you place many cards in the center of "joh-dan"?
I want to know this reason. Because I was promoted to Class A by this."
However, you can put words in "XX" freely.
[Note] joh-dan : the upper section; It is the third line from the hand of the player in one's territory.
It is the nearest from an opponent from oneself most distantly.
This is words of the new pupil of a university promoted to the Class A in high school days.
Because she changed her tactics after she promoted the Class A, her cards were not place in center of "joh-dan".
However, she asked me who resembled past her tactics a question. It was these words.
I decide to call her tactics "uki-fuda" conveniently.
Because she was promoted to the Class A, her tactics of "uki-fuda" did great contribution.
Therefore, it may be said that "uki-fuda"(this tactics) is her powerful weapon.
Because she thought that "uki-fuda" was one's weapon, she worked hard to improve a skill.
For the words that I introduced, her self-confidence is expressed.
Please wear a weapon with the confidence by oneself if there is the player of the slump state.
The weapon as a result of effort that you weared is helpful for you.
And I wish that you should be able to say "I was promoted to the Class A by my weapon." with confidence.

(5) I must be right-handed not a left-handed person to reach the royal road of the karuta.

This is the words that the left-handed player who is a younger player said.
He was promoted to the Class A as a left-handed player.
After he was promoted to the Class A, he has begun to pursue an ideal of the competitive karuta.
He named the ideal style that he imagined "oh-do karuta". "Oh-do" is the royal road. "Oh-do karuta" is the royal road of the karuta.
"Oh-do karuta" which he idealized was not able to be realized in the left-handed player.
He resigned as a left-handed player to realize his ideal. He converted to a right-handed player.
It is behavior agreement that I am impressed by these words.
And I was surprised at the readiness that he abandoned the results of the left hand for ideal pursuit.

*** Summary ***

(1)  Importance of concentrating on a sound
     * It tells a theme to a listener using an allegory well.

    Original Japanese : "Ashi no ura demo oto o kanji ro!"

(2)  Fun to explain the same thing by different expression
     * It talks about an attack at a point of view of the distance.

    Original Japanese : "Tekijin wa toi kara koso tori ni ikunda!"

(3)  The intention and the main point
     * It means the highly and strongly will and the essence of karuta game.

    Original Japanese : "Nju-go-mai atereba meijin ni demo kateru!"

(4)  Importance of the confidence
     * It speaks about the confidence to have a skill with the proof becoming the weapon for game of karuta.

    Original Japanese : "Watashi wa jo-dan de A kyu ni agatta youna mono desu kara..."

(5)  The serious matter of having decision and readiness
     * It is the words that talked about readiness and decision for working with words.

    Original Japanese : "Ohdoh karuta wa migi de nakereba naranai."

Auther : Hitoshi Takano


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