Personal studies about the competitive "Karuta"

-- As one preliminary study about the technique, method, thought --


Hitoshi Takano

This site wrote consideration for me about a technique, a method, a thought about the competitive "Karuta".
However, the linked sites are written in Japanese.
There are not the site that I translated into English.
I wrote down sites which I attached an English summary to with "ENGLISH".

** "Extra" in Japanese **

[ Extra ]

No.50-(SEP/2020)       The final of "Extra"    -- 1/100 --

No.49-(AUG/2020)       Books about "Competitive Karuta"    -- In "Heisei" era --

No.48-(JUL/2020)       How to Play "Hyakunin Issyu" that is a splendid book
              -- "The secret of take card in speedily" that is in the middle of the Showa era --

No.47-(JUN/2020)       The latest secret of "The competitive Karuta"    -- The latest theory in 1911 --

No.46-(MAY/2020)       How to take card speedy for "Karuta".    -- Also sprach Ruiko Kuroiwa --

No.45-(MAR/2020)       I read "Fine presence flower biography"(Fushi-Kaden) written by "Zeami"    -- Flower of the time (Jibun no Hana) --

No.44-(FEB/2020)       A study of "Zone"    -- Product of the concentration --

No.43-(JAN/2020)       A theory of balancing    -- "Increasing own good point" or "Confining the good point of the opponent" --

No.42-(DEC/2019)       A study of "solo exercise"    -- We should make an exercise purpose clear --

No.41-(AUG/2019)       A study of "promotion of class"    -- Risk of missing of a chance --

No.40-(JUL/2019)       A study of Class "D"    -- Please receive width of the ability --

No.39-(JUN/2019)       Question and Answer    (3)

No.38-(MAY/2019)       Question and Answer    (2)

No.37-(APR/2019)       Accountability    -- Risk of Competitive Karuta --

No.36-(MAR/2019)       A study of "Heisei Karuta"    -- Tide of "Heisei Karuta" --

No.35-(OCT/2018)       A study of "Meijin-sen" for staffs of "Keio Gijuku"    -- "INDEX" --

No.34-(SEP/2018)       A study of operation system for "Syokuiki-Gakusei Taikai"    -- "INDEX" --

No.33-(JUN/2018)       A study of "Noren-Wake"    -- "Separation" and "Independence" of the organization --

No.32-(MAY/2018)       A study of the end of game    -- The last card for finish of game --

No.31-(FEB/2018)       A study of "Karuta set which was classified in five colors"    -- 20x5 --

No.30-(AUG/2017)       Trap of the weak point awareness (5)    -- Extra study --

No.29(JUL/2017)       Can we accumulate "Exercise of Competitive Karuta"?    -- A study of "exhausting savings" --

No.28(JUN/2017)       Trap of the weak point awareness (4)    -- About a player who uses central zone of "Joh-dan" --

No.27(MAY/2017)       The technique of "Tame"    

No.26(APR/2017)       Trap of the weak point awareness (3)    -- About player with sharpness of "kanji" --

No.25(MAR/2017)       Trap of the weak point awareness (2)    -- About Southpaw --

No.24(FEB/2017)       A study of "Tournament"    -- About custom of "Kyogi karuta" --

No.23(JAN/2017)       Trap of the weak point awareness (1)    -- A classification and analysis --

No.22(SEP/2016)       A Soft "Karuta"    -- Can soft methods get the better of brute force?--

No.21(AUG/2016)       Warning ! "Trap of wards"    -- The risk of the wrong interpretation --

No.20(JUL/2016)       A study of "Chiha"    -- As a favorite card of many players --

No.19(MAY/2016)       Physical control    

No.18(APR/2016)       "Resolution"    

No.17(FEB/2016)       To acquire a small profitŽˇŽˇfor victory    

No.16(JAN/2016)       A study of "Zabuton" for the competitive "Karuta"    (note:"Zabuton" is Japanese cushion.)

No.15(DEC/2015)       My favorite words of "Karuta player"  -------nbsp; [ENGLISH]

No.14(NOV/2015)       How to evaluate the performance of the player in the competitive Karuta

No.13(AUG/2015)       Five articles of "Paradoxical Theory" for competitive Karuta

No.12(JUN/2015)       Index of studies for Breakthrough

No.11(MAY/2015)       Coping method to difference in grammar

No.10(APR/2015)       Grammar of the attack and the defense

No.9(Feb/2015)       "Fuda-choku-Ron" --Points of how to get card--

No.8(JAN/2015)       A study of "Karuta Kai" in University(2) --Five points for organization reinforcement--

No.7(DEC/2014)       A study of "Karuta Kai" in University(1) --The establishment and activity--

No.6(MAY/2014)       A study of "Fuda-wake" --The merits and demerits of the efficiency--

No.5(JAN/2014)       When is the strongest in the oneself history? --Admiration to "next one"--

No.4(OCT/2013)       A study of instruction method(3) --What would we do to make words?--

No.3(JAN/2013)       A study of instruction method(2) --The merits and demerits of the simplification--

No.2(JAN/2012)       A study of instruction method(1) --Using pictures--

No.1(FEB/2012)       Classification of "Otetsuki"

* "Main volume" in Japanese *

[ Main volume ]

No.50(Nov/2011)       Personal studies--the final--

No.49(Oct/2011)       A study of "the first sound"(9)--in the case of "wa"--

No.48(Sep/2011)       A study of "the first sound"(8)--in the case of "ha","ya","yo" and "ka"--

No.47(Aug/2011)       A study of "the first sound"(7)--in the case of "mi" and "ko"--

No.46(Jul/2011)       A study of "the first sound"(6)--in the case of "i","chi","hi" and "ki"--

No.45(Jun/2011)       A study of "the first sound"(5)--in the case of "ta"--

No.44(May/2011)       A study of "the first sound"(4)--in the case of "u","tsu","shi","mo" and "yu"--

No.43(Apr/2011)       A study of "the first sound"(3)--in the case of "na" and "o"--

No.42(Mar/2011)       A study of "the first sound"(2)--in the case of "mu","su","me","fu","sa","ho" and "se"--

No.41(Feb/2011)       A study of "the first sound"(1)--in the case of "a"--

No.40(Jan/2011)       A study of "Migi Ge-dan"--the right side of the farthest row from the opponent--

No.39(Dec/2010)       Is "studies of the competition karuta" concluded as a lecture of the universities ?

No.38(Nov/2010)       A study of "effect of comics"

No.37(Oct/2010)       A study of "early education"

No.36(Sep/2010)       The words that affected my theory of "karuta"(5)

No.35(Aug/2010)       What does the number show ? (7)--From the record of the queen title matches(2)--

No.34(Jul/2010)       What does the number show ? (6)--From the record of the queen title matches(1)--

No.33(Jun/2010)       What does the number show ? (5)--From the record of the "meijin" title matches(2)--

No.32(May/2010)       What does the number show ? (4)--From the record of the "maijin" title matches(1)--

No.31(Apr/2010)       What does the number show ? (3)ŽˇŽÁthe number of "title match of same players"ŽˇŽÁ

No.30(Mar/2010)       A study of "Hidari Ge-dan"--the left side of the farthest row from the opponent--

No.29(Feb/2010)       The words that affected my theory of "karuta"(4)

No.28(Jan/2010)       What does the number show ? (2)--The queen title match participation number of times--

No.27(Dec/2009)       What does the number show ? (1)--The "meijin" title match participation number of times--

No.26(Nov/2009)       Viewpoint of the competition(3)--sense of beauty--

No.25(Oct/2009)       A study of "1-1"(ichi-ichi)--Why does "Unmei-sen" occur ?--

No.24(Sep/2009)       The words that affected my theory of "karuta"(3)

No.23(Aug/2009)       A study of "Left-handed player"(2)  ---->  [ENGLISH]

No.22(Jul/2009)       A study of "Left-handed player"(1)

No.21(Jun/2009)       Viewpoint of the competition(2)--mistake and error--

No.20(May/2009)       A study of "Chu-dan"--the second row--

No.19(Apr/2009)       The words that affected my theory of "karuta"(2)

No.18(Mar/2009)       Viewpoint of the competition(1)--reliance--

No.17(Feb/2009)       The words that affected my theory of "karuta"(1)

No.16(Jan/2009)       A study of "Jersey pants" for playing "karuta"

No.15(Dec/2008)       "Shu-Ha-Ri"--three stages of learning mastery : the fundamentals--

No.14(Nov/2008)       "Support" and "Cheer"--invisible power--

No.13(Oct/2008)       A study of "Dan-i"--an unit of grade--

No.12(Sep/2008)       A record of "Karuta" game by myself(3)

No.11(Aug/2008)       A record of "Karuta" game by myself(2)

No.10(Jul/2008)       A record of "Karuta" game by myself(1)

No.9(Jun/2008)       Should the player of the competition karuta appreciate the 31-syllable Japanese poem ?

No.8(May/2008)       A match of "Waseda vs. Keio" by competitive "Karuta"

No.7(Apr/2008)       A study of opponents

No.6(Mar/2008)       A study of "real nature of karuta"(3)

No.5(Feb/2008)       A study of "real nature of karuta"(2)

No.4(Jan/2008)       A study of "real nature of karuta"(1)

No.3(Dec/2007)       A study of "an implement or tool"

No.2(Nov/2007)       An instruction theory for new beginner--Make haste slowly--

No.1(Oct/2007)       A study of "Johdan"--how to use the center-zone of Johdan--  ---->  [ENGLISH]

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