The forbidden fruit



These contents are written in Japanese.


( 1 )  If you become very disadvantageous at the game early stages,,,  (Apr/2009)

( 2 )  A study of "kakegoe"(shout of the encouragement)  (Jul/2009)

( 3 )  If you want to go to the restroom in the game middle,,,  (Jul/2009)

( 4 )  If it is attacked by the impulse that you want to make the placement change for of your card,,,  (Jul/2009)

( 5 )  Swinging over -How to recover-  (Aug/2009)

( 6 )  Psychological warfare -A double-edged sword-  (Aug/2010)

( 7 )  Temptation of the adaptable fighting potential talented person  (Jan/2011)

( 8 )  The forbidden fruits  (Feb/2011)  The last article

The essence of the competitive "Karuta"

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