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This site is index of "Topic" which I wrote essey about "Karuta" and world of "Karuta".
However, the linked sites are written in Japanese.
There are not the site that I translated into English.

[ NEW ]  2022 - 

No.18 (May/2024); Non-artistic "Okuri"--murmur--

No.17 (Apr/2024); I enjoy to analyze my personal data. (Second Season"2")--Look back on 2023nendo--

No.16 (Mar/2024); An old friend--with a memory--

No.15 (Jan/2024); Look back on 2023--Year of changing--

No.14 (Dec/2023); The coaching for primary schoolchild--Trial and Error--

No.13 (Nov/2023); Good loser--Manners of being defeated--

No.12 (Oct/2023); The 18th "Meijin-sen" of Keio Staffs--"COVID-19" again--

No.11 (Sep/2023); Taking a break--As a member of "Syokuiki" team--

No.10 (Aug/2023); New style of "Fuda-Wake"--Please choose three numbers--

No.9 (Jul/2023); "Summer" of "team tournament"--Importance of reservation players--

No.8 (Jun/2023); The Karuta Novel --"SADAME" (5)--

No.7 (May/2023); The Karuta Novel --"SADAME" (4)--

No.6 (APR/2023); I enjoy to analyze my personal data. (Second Season"1")--Look back on 2022nendo--

No.5 (Mar/2023); The Karuta Novel --"SADAME" (3)--

No.4 (Feb/2023); The Karuta Novel --"SADAME" (2)--

No.3 (Jan/2023); The Karuta Novel --"SADAME" (1)--

No.2 (Dec/2022); The 17th "Meijin-sen" of Keio Staffs--Please be careful with COVID-19.--

No.1 (Nov/2022); The backside of "Torifuda"-card -- Letter(s) for identification of "Torifuda" set --


[ Extra ]  2010 - 2022

No.100 (OCT/2022); Final Topic of "Extra" -- "Kimariji" of titles --

No.99 (SEP/2022); 100 games and 30 times of participation -- "Syokuiki-Gakusei-Taikai" --

No.98 (AUG/2022); "I cannot do it." -- Courage to accept --

No.97 (JUL/2022); "A loser" does not have to be ashamed. -- Words of Mr.Koji.Tanikawa as 17th hMeijinh of "Shogi" --

No.96 (MAY/2022); A study of "Seme-Karuta" -- Conservative ? --

No.95 (APR/2022); I enjoy to analyze my personal data. (Extra2) -- Look back under COVID-19 Evil --

No.94 (FEB/2022); Grasp it not to crush an egg -- as a metaphor --

No.93 (NOV/2021); A new guideline for "competitive karuta" -- with COVID-19 --

No.92 (OCT/2021); "Ganglion" and "Inflammation of a tendon sheath" -- A pain of my wrist --

No.91 (SEP/2021); The placement of an opponent's side for "solo exercise" -- Question and Answer --

No.90 (MAY/2021); The enviromantal difference of exercise for "Competitive Karuta" -- Under COVID-19 Evil --

No.89 (APR/2021); Signboard-- Do you carry it on your back? --

No.88 (MAR/2021); Border line of "Fuyou-Fukyu('not necessary' and 'not hurry')"-- Recognition of "Competitive Karuta" --

No.87 (FEB/2021); DDDD-- Anti "PDCA" --

No.86 (JAN/2021); Look back on 2020-- Under COVID-19 Evil --

No.85 (DEC/2020); The Third Wave ?-- "COVID-19" --

No.84 (NOV/2020); Total Concentration ? ("Zen Syuchu" ?)-- "Concentration" for "Competitive Karuta" --

No.83 (OCT/2020); An exercise will be reopened. -- "Karuta" as breathing --

No.82 (JUN/2020); An exercise of "New Normal" ? -- With COVID-19 --

No.81 (MAY/2020); I enjoy to analyze my personal data. (Extra) -- The record that broke off --

No.80 (APR/2020); I enjoy to analyze my personal data. (10) -- Look back on 2019nendo --

No.79 (MAR/2020); I talk to myself.(3)--The disaster of new coronavirus(COVID-19)--

No.78 (FEB/2020); Jealousy--Between "Reason" and "Emotions"--

No.77 (JAN/2020); Look back on 2019--The biggest impact of Mr.H--

No.76 (OCT/2019); The 16th "Meijin-sen" of Keio Staffs--Consecutive championships--

No.75 (AUG/2019); The 10th Anniversary of exercise at "Mita Fujin-shitsu" -- Practice makes perfect --

No.74 (MAY/2019); "Showa" and "Heisei" -- Comparison of my personal data of "Kyogi Karuta" --

No.73 (APR/2019); I enjoy to analyze my personal data. (9) -- Look back on 2018nendo --

No.72 (FEB/2019); Memory of the "Showa"--One week of "Showa 64nen"--

No.71 (JAN/2019); Look back on 2018--The "C.P.S" which goes to the change--

No.70 (NOV/2018); Personnel changes --From Office for Human Resourse Management to Office of Genneral Affairs--

No.69 (SEP/2018);  The 15th "Meijin-sen" of Keio Staffs--Tournament for 5players--

No.68 (JUL/2018); Blog of an Indian Player -- chihayaburu17 --

No.67 (MAY/2018); Mourning, Mr.Ichiro Masaki as Permanent "Meijin" -- I heard news of death --

No.66 (APR/2018); I enjoy to analyze my personal data. (8) -- Look back on 2017nendo --

No.65 (MAR/2018); Congratulations, "People's Honor Award"--Difference between "Go, shogi" and "Karuta"--

No.64 (FEB/2018); "Nails"--I watch still my hands--

No.63 (JAN/2018); Look back on 2017--Needs of the graduate--

No.62 (NOV/2017);  The 14th "Meijin-sen" of Keio Staffs--Tournament for 4players--

No.61 (SEP/2017); An endangered species --The necessity for environmental conservation--

No.60 (JUL/2017); A Notefication from "All-Japan Karuta Association"

No.59 (MAY/2017); The sum total of "Playing Games" -- Healthy life of karuta players --

No.58 (APR/2017); I enjoy to analyze my personal data. (7) -- Look back on 2016nendo --

No.57 (MAR/2017); Mita Fujin-Shitsu Saturday Exercise -- The participant may say, "it is a small." --

No.56 (FEB/2017); Defeat of the deep regret--Admonition--

No.55 (JAN/2017); Look back on 2016--Balance of 3 campuses--

No.54 (DEC/2016);  The 13th "Meijin-sen" of Keio Staffs--Please be careful with a cold.--

No.53 (NOV/2016); Personnel changes --From Shonan Fujisawa to Mita--

No.52 (OCT/2016); Catch phrase --Memory of the AJKA report--

No.51 (SEP/2016); Summer of team competitions --Summer in 2016--

No.50 (AUG/2016); "Kyogi-Karuta" and "AI" --On the basis of evolution of "IGo" software and "Shogi" software--

No.49 (JUL/2016); General aspects of "Seme-Karuta" --As the Gospel to the slow player of the "kanji"--

No.48 (JUN/2016); Karuta of the Showa -- Self-introduction for new pupils --

No.47 (MAY/2016); Clothes to wear by a competition -- The best performance --

No.46 (APR/2016); I enjoy to analyze my personal data. (6) -- Look back on 2015nendo --

No.45 (MAR/2016); 1/366 -- I played Karuta on February 29 --

No.44 (FEB/2016); Memory of the high school championship

No.43 (JAN/2016); Look back on 2015

No.42 (DEC/2015); "Equestrianism", "Fencing" and "Karuta"

No.41 (NOV/2015); "Amateurs" and "Professionals"

No.40 (OCT/2015); I talk to myself (2)-- I fix the condition for "Syokuiki-Gakusei-Taikai"--

No.39 (SEP/2015); The whole story of entry to "Syokuiki-Gakusei-Taikai"

No.38 (AUG/2015); I talk to myself (1) -- The reader who globalizes --

No.37 (JUN/2015); A study of "Breakthrough"5-- From my experience --

No.36 (MAY/2015); A study of "Breakthrough"4-- Take off gyve --

No.35 (APR/2015); I enjoy to analyze my personal data. (5) -- Look back on 2014nendo --

No.34 (MAR/2015); A study of "Breakthrough"3-- An exercise with the partner whom you can beat --

No.33 (FEB/2015); A study of "Breakthrough"2-- Take a rest --

No.32 (JAN/2015); A study of "Breakthrough"1-- "Azatosa" --

No.31 (DEC/2014); Players of the "Kyougi Karuta" in SFC

No.30 (OCT/2014); "Kusunoki-queen" does not participate "Queen-sen"

No.29 (SEP/2014); Barometer of the ability -- The result with the player of the Class A --

No.28 (AUG/2014); We fight against the future.-- To maintain motivation --

No.27 (JUN/2014); KEIO SFC SUNDAY EXERCISE -- The participant said, "it was far" --

No.26 (MAY/2014); The tournament to take two days -- It is a good news for a veteran --

No.25 (APR/2014); I enjoy to analyze my personal data. (4) -- Look back on 2013nendo --

No.24 (JAN/2014); I enjoy to analyze my personal data. (3) -- A lifestyle and "karuta" --

No.23 (DEC/2013); Look back on 2013

No.22 (AUG/2013); The reform of "Syokuiki-Gakusei-Taikai" that has begun to change (3)

No.21 (APR/2013); I enjoy to analyze my personal data. (2) -- Look back on 2012nendo --

No.20 (MAR/2013); A person that inexperienced "Kyogi Karuta" commented on comics "Chihayafuru".

No.19 (MAR/2013); Dreamlike story of exercise environment -- A problem is profitability --

No.18 (MAR/2013); "Ariake" changed a general idea of "just". -- The merits and demerits of the automatic reading machine --

No.17 (FEB/2013); The reform of "Syokuiki-Gakusei-Taikai" that has begun to change (2)

No.16 (NOV/2012); Records of "Karuta" game by myself
      -- The first round of the 9th "Meijin-sen" of Keio Staffs (2)--

No.15 (NOV/2012); Records of "Karuta" game by myself
      -- The first round of the 9th "Meijin-sen" of Keio Staffs (1)--

No.14 (NOV/2012); "Saigo-Meijin" does not participate "Meijin-sen"

No.13 (SEP/2012); Readiness of playing "Karuta" -- Physical maintenance --

No.12 (JUL/2012); The reform of "Syokuiki-Gakusei-Taikai" that has begun to change (1)

No.11 (MAR/2012); I am disappointed that we lost before a start.

No.10 (JAN/2012); My plan of reform for "Syokuiki-Gakusei-Taikai"

No. 9 (DEC/2011); Look back on 2011

No. 8 (OCT/2011); The 8th "Meijin-sen" of Keio Staffs -- "Karuta" with low back pain --

No. 7 (MAY/2011); I participated in a senior championship.

No. 6 (APR/2011); The wave went over "Sue no Matsuyama".

No. 5 (MAR/2011); 3000 games

No. 4 (FEB/2011); Three topics about TV

No. 3 (DEC/2010); A trouble of calf

No. 2 (OCT/2010); "Proverb" and "a wise saw"

No. 1 (AUG/2010); Increase in participation in tournament number of people


Main Volume

[ In 2007 ]     

No.100 (JUN) Final Topic
No. 99 (MAY) A letter for younger player (extra)
No. 98 (APR) Short story
No. 97 (MAR) Karuta novel
No. 96 (FEB) "Yomikiri shosetsu" -- This story is complete in one issue. --
No. 95 (JAN) Last Year

[ In 2006 ]

No.94 (DEC) The short story of "Karuta" -- 2 --
No.93 (NOV) The short story of "Karuta" -- 1 --
No.92 (OCT) A writing with a pencil
No.91 (SEP) Bimonthly serial novel -- 3 --
No.90 (AUG) T-shirts
No.89 (JUL) Bimonthly serial novel -- 2 --
No.88 (JUN) Anti-aging
No.87 (MAY) Bimonthly serial novel -- 1 --
No.86 (APR) 17 years 6 months
No.85 (MAR) The collection of books about "Karuta" -- 2 --
No.84 (FEB) The collection of books about "Karuta" -- 1 --
No.83 (JAN) "Start"

[ In 2005 ]     

No.82 (DEC) Effect of "karuta"
No.81 (NOV) Poem
No.80 (OCT) The defensive war
No.79 (SEP) The reague of the business group
No.78 (AUG) Successive championships
No.77 (JUL) No title
No.76 (JUN) A letter for younger player (10)
No.75 (MAY) Don't forget what got you there in the first place.
No.74 (APR) "Karuta-Meijin" of workmates
No.73 (MAR) The list of result
No.72 (FEB) "Kisaragi" -- February in classical Japanese--
No.71 (JAN) The new year

[ In 2004 ]     

No.70 (DEC) The final meeting of the year
No.69 (NOV) University festival
No.68 (OCT) The preliminaries
No.67 (SEP) Homework
No.66 (AUG) Summer vacation
No.65 (JUL) Examination
No.64 (JUN) Keio-Waseda rivalry
No.63 (MAY) May depression
No.62 (APR) Congratulations on starting school
No.61 (MAR) "Ura-Fuda" -- The card that an impression is not the face --
No.60 (FEB) "Un-mei-sen" -- The game that both sides became one piece of card in territory --
No.59 (JAN) Courage

[ In 2003 ]     

No.58 (DEC) The end of the year
No.57 (NOV) ??? name
No.56 (OCT) 120%(?)
No.55 (SEP) "Syokuiki-Gakusei-Taikai" in summer
No.54 (AUG) Physical difficulty
No.53 (JUL) I'm glad.
No.52 (JUN) A letter for younger player (9)
No.51 (MAY) A study of consideration time
No.50 (APR) "Karuta novel" for a short term intensive serialization -- 4 --
No.49 (MAR) "Karuta novel" for a short term intensive serialization -- 3 --
No.48 (FEB) "Karuta novel" for a short term intensive serialization -- 2 --
No.47 (JAN) "Karuta novel" for a short term intensive serialization -- 1 --

[ In 2002 ]

No.46 (DEC) "Karuta" with "Bon-nou" -- "Bon-nou" is evil passions --
No.45 (NOV) You should practice in other "karuta kai" where you do not belong to.
No.44 (OCT) Tragedy of "Sen-yu, Ko-raku" -- "Sen-yu, Ko-raku" means "hardship now, pleasure later" --
No.43 (SEP) Crushing defeat -- Fall of a certain team --
No.42 (AUG) The sum total of "the luck"
No.41 (JUL) Technique of the control
No.40 (JUN) A letter for younger player (8)
No.39 (MAY) I desire a tournament of TV-Program earnestly.
No.38 (APR) A letter for younger player (7)
No.37 (MAR) Background of the experiment
No.36 (FEB) One card is insufficient. Curses on you.
No.35 (JAN) Possibility of the professionalization

[ In 2001 ]     

No.34 (DEC) Professional
No.33 (NOV) "Karuta" in the school festival
No.32 (OCT) A letter for younger player (6)
No.31 (SEP) "Karuta" in the school
No.30 (AUG) It was summer. Let's participate in a camp!
No.29 (JUL) When I feel "intuition"
No.28 (JUN) 18/366
No.27 (MAY) Requests to the All-Japan Karuta Association
No.26 (APR) Trauma
No.25 (MAR) The days when I cannot play "Karuta"
No.24 (FEB) A letter for younger player (5)
No.23 (JAN) My thought about the retirement

[ In 2000 ]     

No.22 (DEC) "Goal difference" and "Mai-sa"
      -- "Mai-sa" is the number of labels which were left in the territory when victory or defeat was decided in "Kyogi Karuta" --

No.21 (NOV) My opinion about the movement of cards
No.20 (OCT) We will let a rank classification have variety.
No.19 (SEP) A study of "Mamori-Karuta" -- "Mamori-Karuta" is a defense-based strategy --
No.18 (AUG)A Midsummer Night's Dream
No.17 (JUL) Various handicap games
No.16 (JUN) Let's practice "Suburi"! -- "Suburi" is an exercise for sweeping cards --
No.15 (MAY) A letter for younger player (4)
No.14 (APR) Blind spot of the self-evaluation
No.13 (MAR) "Karuta" and "Shogi" -- "Shogi" is Japanese chess --
No.12 (FEB) You must not lose pressure.
No.11 (JAN) The good player does not do a jammed finger.
[ In 1999 ]

No.10 (DEC) A pit of the common sense
No. 9 (NOV) You have set one's limit now.
No. 8 (OCT) A letter for younger player (3)
No. 7 (SEP) "Kigoh" -- it is a request for writing--
No. 6 (AUG) I enjoy to analyze my personal data.
No. 5 (JUL) "Tei-ichi" -- it means the fixed position --
No. 4 (JUN) A letter for younger player (2)
No. 3 (MAY) A letter for younger player (1)
No. 2 (APR) Please don't call it "Sudare-oki" !
No. 1 (MAR) My plan of reform for "Meijin-sen"


"The forbidden fruit" in Japanese.

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