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It is a site of index for my letters for the virtual partners.
Therefore, these are the fiction which did the appearance of the letter.
However, the linked sites are written in Japanese.
There are not the site that I translated into English.

Sequel "Shin"--Letter to younger players

     (I)  Feb/2024,  -Metaphor-
     (II)  Apr/2024,  -Retirement-
     (III)  May/2024,  -"Negation" and "Affirmation"-

"Shin"--Letter to younger players

     (I)  Jan/2022,  -A Happy New Year !-
     (II)  Mar/2022,  -About new targets-
     (III)  Aug/2022,  -I mourn over the death of Mr.I-
     (IV)  Nov/2022,  -Progress-
     (V)  Dec/2022,  -Succession-
     (VI)  Jan/2023,  -New Year "2023"-
     (VII)  Feb/2023,  -The reference text for Mr.H-
     (VIII)  Jun/2023,  -I introduce an interesting exercise -
     (IX)  Aug/2023,  -Experience at "Omi shrine"-
     (X)  Oct/2023,  -For next step-
     (Extra)  Jan/2024,  -Unfortunate Statement-

"Still more"--Letter to younger players

     (I)  Jun/2019,  -A study of tactics for Mr.H-
     (II)  Dec/2019,  -Greet the sixtieth birthday("Kanreki")-
     (III)  May/2020,  -The reference pictures for Mr.H-
     (IV)  Aug/2020,  -From Russia with Question-
     (V)  Jan/2021,  -Exercises under the disaster of COVID-19-
     (VI)  Jan/2021,  -Thanks for representative in 2020-
     (VII)  Feb/2021,  -Under the declaration of a state of emergency-
     (VIII)  Apr/2021,  -Ankle sprain-
     (IX)  May/2021,  -First step-
     (X)  Jun/2021,  -The distance to "Omi shrine", again-
     (Extra)  Aug/2021,  -The way from "Omi shrine"-

"Still"--Letter to younger players

     (I)  Mar/2017,  -You will get ready to accept new members-
     (II)  May/2017,  -To the person who played most games of "Competitive Karuta" as my opponent-
     (III)  Jun/2017,  -A Wall of the district qualifier of "Kanagawa"(2)-
     (IV)  Aug/2017,  -How have you been doing after that?-
     (V)  Sep/2017,  -Doctor Stop-
     (VI)  Feb/2018,  -Web site-
     (VII)  Jun/2018,  -The distance to "Omi shrine"-
     (VIII)  Aug/2018,  -The national competition of High school-
     (IX)  Dec/2018,  -Records of "Karuta" games by scorekeepers-
     (X)  Apr/2019,  -"Karuta World" of the Heisei-
     (Extra)  May/2019,  -We stoped the discription of the practice schedule for students of "Keio Karuta Kai".-

"Again"--Letter to younger players

     (I)  Jan/2015,  -Aim of 2015-
     (II)  Mar/2015,  -Please look at a web-site of "Keio Karuta Kai"-
     (III)  Apr/2015,  -"Invitation" and "Instruction" for new members-
     (IV)  May/2015,  -2,000 wins in total-
     (V)  Oct/2015,  -"Advice" and "Succession"-
     (VI)  Dec/2015,  -Please reconsider "That's a mere detail"-
     (VII)  Jul/2016,  -A study of ultimate defensive "Karuta"-
     (VIII)  Sep/2016,  -Let's evaluate "kanji"(or "Hibiki") by yourself-
     (IX)  Oct/2016,  -Difficulty of the team competition-
     (X)  Jan/2017,  -"Tadaima!"(I just came back.)-
     (Extra)  Feb/2017,  -Are you bored with "Karuta"?-

"Once more"--Letter to younger players

     (I)  Oct/2012,  -Please learn from "Karuta-Tenbo"-
     (II)  Dec/2012,  -We restart the exercise at SFC-
     (III)  Mar/2013,  -You have to aim the promotion-
     (IV)  Apr/2013,  -The preparations for new members-
     (V)  May/2013,  -Limit of place for the exercise-
     (VI)  Sep/2013,  -Exchange of opinions after the game-
     (VII)  Nov/2013,  -A defensive stance in hiding-
     (VIII)  Jun/2014,  -A Wall of the district qualifier of "Kanagawa"-
     (IX)  Jul/2014,  -An important matter for the promotion-
     (X)  Sep/2014,  -I will answer the question of everybody-
     (Extra)  Oct/2014,  -Please re-examine an abbreviated name-

"New"--Letter to younger players

     (I)  Jun/2010,  -Your contemporaries-
     (II)  Oct/2010,  - The essence of the competitive "Karuta" (Ten Articles)-
     (III)  Oct/2010,  - The essence of the competitive "Karuta" (Explanation Part1)-
     (IV)  Nov/2010,  - The essence of the competitive "Karuta" (Explanation Part2)-
     (V)  Nov/2010,  - The essence of the competitive "Karuta" (Explanation Part3)-
     (VI)  Dec/2010,  -Expectation to a new chairperson-
     (VII)  Apr/2011,  -Aim of "2011 nendo"-
     (VIII)  May/2011,  -How to spend time playing games-
     (IX)  Jun/2011,  -For your debut match-
     (X)  Jan/2012,  -My message to each generation of "Keio Karuta Kai"-
     (Extra)  Mar/2012,  -Your role in the "Syokuiki-Gakusei-Taikai"-

"Sequel"--Letter to younger players

     (I)  Jun/2008,  -Thank you for holding a celebration for us-
     (II)  Jan/2009,  -Quantity and quality-
     (III)  Mar/2009,  -I read "Keio Karuta Kaiho" as annual report-
     (IV)  Apr/2009,  -Importance of the new face invitation-
     (V)  May/2009,  -You have to innovate the instruction-
     (VI)  Jul/2009,  -Consider a height difference-
     (VII)  Jul/2009,  -Important Notes in the game-
     (VIII)  Oct/2009,  -Effect of teaching-
     (IX)  Dec/2009,  -What is your weapon?-
     (X)  Jan/2010,  -What is a vision of the chairpersons?-
     (Extra)  Mar/2010,  -My comment to each member-

Letter to younger players

     (I)  May/1999,  -Wha's your method of playing "Kyogi-Karuta"?-
     (II)  Jun/1999,  -An evidence of progress-
     (III)  Oct/1999,  -The defeating method according to each opponent-
     (IV)  May/2000,  -Fatigue is a enemy-
     (V)  Feb/2001,  -Role of the chairperson-
     (VI)  Oct/2001,  -Please takes care of yourself-
     (VII)  Apr/2002,  -I am glad you have got a job-
     (VIII)  Jun/2002,  -Aim at the top!-
     (IX)  Jun/2003,  -Importance of thinking-
     (X)  Jun/2005,  -Invitation to our team-
     (Extra)  May/2007,  -The doctor stopped your fight-

Letter for India

     (I)  May/2015,  -I was surprised at sudden E-Mail-
     (II)  Jun/2015,  -The English translation is difficult-
     (III)  Jul/2015,  -Two sets of cards for competitive "karuta" passed to India-
     (IV)  Aug/2015,  -Difficulty of the intercultural communication-
     (V)  Sep/2015,  -Feasibility-
     (VI)  Oct/2015,  -Scholarship?-
     (VII)  Nov/2015,  -Correspondence to taking "Ooyamafuda"-
     (VIII)  Dec/2015,  -The need of the actual fighting-
     (IX)  Mar/2016,  -Good job!-
     (X)  Apr/2016,  -Should I start playing karuta by left hand?-
     (Extra)  Aug/2016,  -Evaluation for your video-
     (Extra-II)  Apr/2022,  -I welcome your first visit to Japan.-
     (Extra-III)  Jan/2023,  -Please visit to Japan, again.-

     "Blog" by an Indian Player

Letter to the player of the same period

     (I)  Aug/2011,  -Expectation to a teammate-
     (II)  Mar/2013,  -Thank you for your work of "Karuta"-
     (III)  May/2018,  -Extracurricular activities for culture-
     (IV)  Jun/2020,  -The disaster of COVID-19-

"New"--Letter to elder players

     (1)  Mar/2024,  -One round mourning of my wife-
     (2)  May/2024,  -Establishment of "Oota Karuta Kai"-

Letter to elder players

     (I)  May/1999,  -Clear up a misunderstanding-
     (II)  Feb/2016,  -My father was hospitalized-
     (III)  Mar/2016,  -My father left the hospital-
     (IV)  May/2016,  -Funeral service of my father-
     (V)  May/2017,  -The first anniversary of my father's death-
     (VI)  Nov/2017,  -A relocation of my mother-
     (VII)  Jan/2018,  -The present condition of my mother-
     (VIII)  Oct/2018,  -My mother entered the nursing home for old-age person-
     (IX)  Aug/2019,  -My wife was hospitalized.-
     (X)  Feb/2021,  -A health care of my mother-
     (Extra)  Nov/2021,  -"89-year-old" birthday of my mother-
     (Extra2)  Feb/2022,  --Funeral service of my mother-
     (Extra3)  Mar/2022,  -Medical check up for me-
     (Extra4)  Apr/2022,  -Changing-
     (Extra5)  May/2022,  -I installed bones of my mother in the grave-
     (Extra6)  Dec/2022,  -My wife was hospitalized.(2)-
     (Extra7)  Mar/2023,  -My wife was hospitalized.(3)-
     (Extra8)  Apr/2023,  -Funeral service of my wife-
     (Extra9)  May/2023,  -I installed bones of my wife in the grave-
     (Extra10)  Jun/2023,  -Maintenance of the environment for my house-

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